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Festivals and traditions


Festivals and traditions



Art, culture, music, sport… Guadarrama is constantly on the go and offers everyone the opportunity to experience this adventure: traditional festivals that flood the streets of the town with light and colour, varied and diverse contests, recreational activities and exciting sports competitions.

August festivities:

During the August festivities, tradition and modernity come together to offer visitors a variety of activities such as concerts and street parties, sports activities, children’s workshops and the Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Jarosa on 15 August, which, in addition to religious events, is a chance for the public to enjoy a privileged environment and a warm atmosphere with food, games and traditional music by “rondallas” and “dulzaineros”.

Patron Saint Festivities:

In autumn the patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel, is celebrated on 29 September and St. Francis of Assisi on 4 October. A series of events are held during these dates, including the famous Bullfighting Fair, featuring important figures from the world of bullfighting. There is also running of the bulls, which is among the most important in the Madrid Region, in addition to popular dances, fireworks, contests and food… A good way to bid farewell to summer and look forward to the autumn.

Winter brings two symbolic dates that have their maximum expression and singularity in Guadarrama: the Three Kings Parade and the Carnival parade. On 5 January, the traditional arrival of their Majesties from the Orient fills the streets with a colourful world of illusion. On Shrove Tuesday, a spectacular and multitudinous parade celebrates the arrival of Don Carnal, and in the evening, before the burial of the sardine on Wednesday, there is dancing and music in the square.

Medieval Market:

The Medieval Market has been held for many years in our town on the first weekend in August. Its stalls selling handicrafts, food and countless products, traders, craftsmen and artists dressed in period costume, accompanied by numerous shows: magic, juggling, circus, falconry, parades and more attract large numbers of visitors.

Pedreste Popular Race:

It has been held since 1979 along the streets and roads of the municipality. It is a key event in the calendar for this type of sporting events, and many participants repeat the experience year after year.