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Visit to the Tower

The guided tour takes place from the tourist office, in the Plaza Mayor, to the outer gardens of La Torre, where the most relevant historical references of this emblematic Guadarrama monument are explained, from its origins to its current use. Subsequently, access to the interior of the tower, through a side door, to the bell tower and from there you can enjoy the views that can be seen from the highest point of the town.

Those who decide to participate in these visits will only have to take into account that the access stairs to the bell tower are narrow and narrow, and therefore it is not recommended for people with mobility difficulties or small children.

The Tower is located at the highest point of the hill, and is a visual landmark both inside and outside the urban center. The possible existence in its factory of remains that are believed to be Romans and Arabs suggests the possibility of settlements of these peoples in its surroundings. The oldest preserved elements are the Mudejar apse and the medieval tower, with Romanesque reminiscences. Multiple damages have passed through its walls and they have suffered a thousand vicissitudes over the centuries, which is why its original style has been masked and complicates its dating. Today it serves as a cultural center.

The guided tour is carried out prior registration at the Guadarrama Tourist Interpretation Center (CITG), by email, at [email protected] , or by calling 918494703.

The price of the visit is 1 euro per person. The visit is organized in groups with a minimum number of 5 and a maximum of 15 people.